JWs Versus Russell on Doctrine

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Was the Jehovah’s Witnesses doctrine “founded by Charles Taze Russell”?

Absolutely not! The doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is mostly based on the teaching of Joseph Rutherford, not Charles Taze Russell. There are some things that Russell and JWs have in common, such as the rejection of the non-Biblical inherent immortal soul and trinitarian dogma of men, but outside of this, the JW doctrine is almost the opposite of what Russell taught and believed.

Are the “Studies in the Scriptures” the “the basis of the Jehovah Witness theology”?

Since the Jehovah’s Witnesses reject most of what is in the Studies in the Scriptures, it is certainly not true that the basis of the JW theology is from those studies. JW theology rejects the very central doctrine related to atonement that is presented in the Studies, that is the “ransom for all,” and have replaced that doctrine with one that basically says, “join us, or else be eternally destroyed.” The latter was never taught by Russell, but the former — the ransom for all — was the central basis of Russell’s ministry.

See our own studies on the atonement at:http://atonement.reslight.net

More to follow, God willing…

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2 Responses to “JWs Versus Russell on Doctrine”

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Bro.Russell humble man of Jehovah! That fact that there are false accusations against him,proves such.Jesus said,”the World hated me,they’ll hate you,” Chrit’s true followers)


Indeed, since Russell, in service of Jesus, proclaimed the truth about the ransom for all, and in doing so exposed many false doctrines, Satan has led people’s imaginations into all kinds of evil to falsely attribute to Russell, very similarly to the way Jesus was falsely accused.


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