The Strange Teaching of Pyramidology

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Under the subheading of “Some Strange Teachings of C. T. Russell” is listed the teaching of “pyramidology.” The statement is made that certain calculations based on the Great Pyramid were “integrated into the prophecies of Russell.”

Although Russell never used the word “pyramidology,” Russell did believe that the Great Pyramid corroborated the Bible. It has been said that truth is stranger than fiction; this, however, is because of limited perceptions of truth. Thus, unless one actually studies Biblical pyramidology, the idea of pyramidology may seem “strange,” just as many non-Christians believe that the idea of God sending a son to die for our sins is “strange,” if their minds have not been conditioned to accept this. Yet, the very fact that Jesus died for our sins is confirmed by the Great Pyramid.

Russell, of course, made no prophecies, thus the statement that calculations were “integrated into the prophecies of Russell,” is incorrect. Russell did present, however, a series of studies on Biblical time prophecies (most of Russell’s studies on time prophecies and chronology were based on earlier studies done by N. H. Barbour and some others), and he believed that the measurements of the passageways confirmed the chronology of the Bible. Russell, himself, however, spent little time and space, comparatively, on the study of the Great Pyramid. John and Morton Edgar, however, actually measured the passageways and wrote extensively on the Great Pyramid, its symbolism — both scientifically and Biblically — as well as the time features. They demonstrated in great detail how the time features of the Bible are corroborated by the Great Pyramid, as well as many other things about the Bible. Whether all their conclusions are correct or not, the evidence that the Great Pyramid was indeed constructed under God’s divine guidance is overwhelming, to say the least.

Let me say, however, that the word “pyramidology” was rarely used until after Charles Taze Russell died. It came more into use when Adam Rutherford named his books “Pyramidology.” His definition of pyramidology shows that the word came into being to distinguish the study of the Great Pyramid as related to the Bible from other studies. The word originally had nothing to do with heathen occultism, nor does such a study of the Great Pyramid have anything to do with heathen occultism, nor with “pyramid power,” etc.

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