Did Charles Taze Russell Claim that the Christian God Is Not Jehovah?

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It is being reported that Charles Taze Russell taught that the Christian God was the devil, not Jehovah. The alleged evidence for this is presented with reference to Studies in the Scriptures, Volume 7, The Finished Mystery, page 410. These statements appear to stem from some false statements made by Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon in a book entitled: “Why Is The Doctrine Of The Trinity A Vital Belief For Christians To Understand?” In that book, it is stated:

In rejecting the Trinity, Jehovah’s Witnesses founder C. T. Russell blasphemously stated that the God of Christianity “is plainly not Jehovah but the ancient deity, hoary with the iniquity of the ages-Baal, the Devil Himself.”3
3 C. T. Russell, Studies in the Scriptures- Vol. 7: The Finished Mystery, p. 410 cited by Wilton M. Nelson and Richard K. Smith, “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in David J. Hesselgrave, ed., Dynamic Religious Movements: Case Studies of Rapidly Growing Religious Movements Around the World (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1978), p. 181.

Four statements above are in need of correction:

(1) Charles Taze Russell was not the founder of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. Russell did not believe in such an organization. See my research:
Charles Taze Russell and the Jehovah’s Witnesses

(2) Charles Taze Russell never, ever, claimed that the God of Christianity was not Jehovah, etc.

(3) The book cited. The Finished Mystery, p. 410, was not written by Charles Taze Russell, although Rutherford falsely claimed such. This book was actually written by C.J. Woodworth and George Fisher.

(4) Nevertheless, the book, The Finished Mystery, does not say what Ankerberg and Weldon claim it says. The quote is taken out of context and placed in such a context that it is designed to mislead; it would, in effect, deceive the reader in joining in condemning Brother Russell, very evidently in order to denigrate Brother Russell in the reader’s mind so as to discourage the reader from looking for the truth, similar to the same kind of false accusations heralded against Jesus.

Let us look at the quote in context:

The word “Baal” means “Lord.” The clergy have set themselves as lords over God’s heritage (1 Pet. 5:3), the Church. By perversion of the plain meaning of literal Bible statements, they have set up in the place of God the deity of the Devil. This God of Romanism and Protestantism is not one, but three; he inflicts tortures eternal; his favor can be bought for money; he dwells in earthly buildings (Acts 7:48), which are consecrated to him; he teaches the direct opposite of the Word of God- that the dead are alive; he favors spiritual adultery- the union of the church with the governments of this world; he fosters lordship of the clergy class. The clergy’s God is plainly not Jehovah, but the ancient deity, hoary with the iniquities of ages- Baal- the Devil himself.

Note that what is stated is that “the clergy’s God is plainly not Jehovah”, not that the Christian’s God is not Jehovah. Although Russell would probably never had stated the matter in such terms, the authors of the book were not stating that the Christian’s God is not Jehovah, but rather that the clergy’s God is not Jehovah. The spirit that prevaled in the book “The Finished Mystery”, however, was more judgmental than what Russell himself ever stated concerning the clergy.

Now let us present some true statements made by Charles Taze Russell concerning the Christian God:

The arm of God means, symbolically, Divine power. He revealed this arm in the arrangement which He made for the payment of our death penalty, in the sending of His Son, the Man Christ Jesus, who, “by the grace of God, tasted death for every man.” As a perfect man had sinned, God provided a perfect man to be the Redeemer, “that as by man came death by a Man also should come the resurrection of the dead; for us all in Adam die, even so shall all in Christ be made alive, every man in his own order.” (1 Cor. 15:22) Do you now catch a glimpse of the mercy, the compassion, the love of the Christian God to us, who appeals to the heart as being different from any other god of whom you have ever had knowledge! Think of a God, infinite in power, as being careful of His fallen creatures, and providing, even at self-sacrifice, for their recovery!
The God of the Bible, the true God of Christianity, is all-loving, all-kind, ever-merciful and tells us so. It is a great fallacy which declares that He has damned humanity to a hell of torture at the hands of fireproof demons. On the contrary, the Bible declares that the wage or penalty of sin is death and that this is the explanation of the general prevalence of human weakness and frailty, mental, moral and physical death. In our text St. Paul tells us that the whole creation all mankind are groaning and travailing in pain now because of sin and its death penalty. This has been in progress for 6,000 years. It comes not through divine persecution of His creatures, but by natural laws of heredity passing on the weakness, mental, moral and physical, from parent to child, from generation to generation, by a law of nature. God has simply permitted this law to take its course in disobedient man.
Surely all will admit with me that no god of any people has ever manifested such a love and interest in his creatures as has the God of the Bible the God of Christianity. It is the Love of God which constrains us draws us. And His exceeding great and precious promises work in our hearts, “both to will and to do His good pleasure.” And this is the test His wisdom has provided. Although Messiah will use coercion to some extent during His reign of a thousand years, yet the Heavenly Father will not use coercion in respect to any of these sons whom He is now inviting. He seeketh such to worship Him as worship Him in spirit and in truth such as need no coercion–such as delight to know and to do the will of the Father in Heaven such as in these respects are copies of His Son, the Redeemer.
— From: Peoples Pulpit, “The Whole Creation Groaneth and Travaileth in Pain Together Until Now”, January 25, 1912, as reproduced in Harvest Gleanings, Volume 3, pages 526,527

The religion of Christ, of which we are not ashamed, is best in this that it is the most God-like religion, because of its breadth, because of its justice, because of its impartiality, because of its love, its goodness and merciful qualities; it shows forth as does no other religion the Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power of Jehovah, our God. To Him be glory and honor and dominion forever.
— “The Gospel of Christ”, Sermon by Pastor Russell on Board S. S. Shinyo Maru (by request of Captain Smith), Sunday, December 24, 1911, as reprinted in Convention Sermon Reports, page 194.

If this statement was true at the time of its utterance, it is still true; if its importance put it at the very top of the list of injunctions, it should still be regarded as the most important amongst the doctrines or teachings of the Lord’s Word. Yet what do we see? We see as respects Fleshly Israel that they soon forgot the words of Moses, and time and again they were punished on the score of idolatry — for recognizing other gods, for forgetting the declaration that there is but the one, and his name Jehovah. Quite similarly we find amongst Christian people a tendency to forget this great integral truth that there is but one God and his name Jehovah. Our Roman Catholic friends make many gods: the Father, the Son, the holy Spirit, Saint Mary, all the apostles and saints, are gods of higher or lower dignity, with various degrees of reverence, and objects of adoration and prayer. And even Protestants, while rejecting many of the lesser gods of Romanism, yet, contrary to this Scripture and every other Scripture and without any reason, persistently declare that we have three Gods in one; nevertheless they reject this statement also and reverse it, saying, that there is one God in three persons! If we attempt to question them and to ask a reason for their hopes and beliefs on this subject they are silent, except to say that it is a great mystery, which neither they nor any one else can understand — how there could be three Gods in one person or one God in three persons. No reasonable mind could grasp this; it would be a mystery indeed. But why should we make a mystery out of the plain, simple statement of God’s Word? Why not accept the inspired statement of Moses that there is but one God, and that he has not three names but one name, Jehovah.

From “The Dying Message of a Great Man”, The Watch Tower, September 1, 1907, page 263 (Reprints page 4051).

No, Brother Russell never claimed that the Christian God was not Jehovah, for he most certainly did so believe that the Christian’s God is Jehovah.

[The Divine Plan of the Ages – An Illustrated Edition]

[Charles Taze Russell: His Life and Times]

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20 Responses to “Did Charles Taze Russell Claim that the Christian God Is Not Jehovah?”

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Charles Taze Russell has with his starting the wheels rolling for the JW’s have led many to doom.
For him to have the gaul to belive he is the only one who could translate scriptures and by his statement. Means all before him failed. Many come and say follow me, follow me but they are liars. If a prophet gives a prediction and it fails you are to throw away his teaching and stone the prophet. How many more mistakes and corrections will the JW’s allow before they wake up!


Charles Taze Russell, believing totally different from the JWs, cannot be accredited with starting the wheels rolling for that which he did not believe in. Russell was never associated with, nor did he believe in the things that the JWs leadership has come up with after he died.

I do not know of any time that Russell ever made any claim that he is the only one who could “translate” the scriptures. Indeed, although he did in a few instances offer alternate “translations” of various verses, he never sought to “translate” the scriptures as a whole, but used translations by others, mostly, the King James Version, Emphatic Diaglott, American Revised Version, Young’s Literal, as well as many other translations. In the original “Foreward” of The New Creation, he wrote: “As in the others, so in this volume, the Common Version Bible translations have been given the preference: yet when it has been necessary to the subject, the author has not hesitated to give such a translation as would clarify the text and illuminate the subject. He requests any disposed to offer criticism along this line to examine first the original texts critically, assuring them of his earnest endeavors to handle the Father’s Word both honestly and reverently.” Hebrew/Greek Scholar Paul S. L. Johnson did examine Russell’s renderings, and could only offer a very few slight improvements. Indeed, he stated that he had come to many of the same conclusions as Russell even before he knew of Russell.

Russell never claimed to be a prophet, and disclaimed many times that anything he wrote was to be considered “prophecy”.

Please note that, while there is much I agree with Russell, there is also much that I disagree with Russell about. This does not mean that I consider Russell not be a fellow-servant my our Lord Jesus. None of the commentators on the scriptures are 100% without any error, and that includes Russell, as well as myself. Russell himself stated over and over many times that no one should consider his writings as infallible.

This site is not associated with the JWs, nor is in support of their organization. Not being associated with the JWs, we have no desire to answer for the JWs, nor do we encourage anyone to displace their faith so as to put their faith away from the one sent by God to such an organization.


I totally agree: i.e. Deut. 18:20-22



Regarding Russell and prophet, see:


The Watchtower Society claims to be the one and only mouth piece for God on this earth, and therefore speak as the sole possessor and propagator of God’s truth.

• The Watchtower, 1 April 1972, pg. 197 says, “So, does Jehovah have a prophet to help them,…and to declare things to come?…The answer can be answered in the affirmative. Who is this prophet?…This “prophet” was not one man, but was a body of men and women…known at that time as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses.”

• The Watchtower, 1 April 1919, pg. 6414 says, “Is not the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society the one and only channel which the Lord has used in dispensing his truth continually since the beginning of the harvest period?”

• The Watchtower, 1 July, 1973, pg. 402 says, “Jehovah’s organization alone, in all the earth, is directed by God’s holy spirit or active force.”

• The Watchtower, 1 May 1938, pg. 169 says “Jehovah’s organization has a visible part on the earth which represents the Lord and is under his direct supervision.”

• The Watchtower, 1 June, 1985, pg. 19 says “We must not lose sight of the fact that God is directing his organization.”

Webster’s defines a prophet as: One who utters divinely inspired revelation.

The Watchtower Society claims to be the “one and only channel” and “Prophet” that God is using to dispense truth, or the “mouth piece of God” (i.e. Prophet of God).

• The Watchtower, Mar. 1, 1975 “…the Bible…established the rules for testing prophecy in Duet. 18:20-22.”

With that in mind:

1874-The Second Coming of Christ?

The Watchtower Society declared Christ’s second coming October 1874.

• Charles Taze Russell’s Studies in Scripture (volume4) page 621 says, “Our Lord, the appointed King is now present, since October 1874 A.D…and the formal inauguration of his kingly office dates from April 1878,A.D”

• The Watchtower publication Creation, page 289, said that “the second coming of the Lord therefore began in 1874…”

• The Watchtower publication Prophecy, page 65, says that “the Scriptural proof is that the second presence of the Lord Jesus Christ began in 1874 A.D.”

• A 1923 issue of The Watchtower magazine, 1 March 1923. p. 67 said, “No one can properly understand the work of God at this time who does not realize that since 1874, the time of the Lord’s return in power, there has been a complete change in God’s operations.”

The Society does not like to admit these quotes, since the Society now teaches that Christ “returned” invisibly in 1914!

1914-The Invisible Coming of Christ?

Despite the fact that that early Watchtower literature assured people that Christ returned in 1874, the Society later argued that the invisible Second Coming of Christ occurred in 1914.

• The Truth Shall Make You Free p. 300 states that “Christ Jesus came to the Kingdom in A.D 1914, but unseen to men.”

• Let God Be True p. 250 tells us that “Jesus foretold many things that would mark the time of his invisible presence and the setting up of God’s kingdom. The end of the Gentile Times or ‘appointed times of the nations’ in 1914 was the time for these to begin appearing.”

• Man’s Salvation Out of World Distress At Hand p.288 speaks of people who “refuse to discern the invisible, spiritual ‘presence’ of Jesus Christ in Kingdom power since the close of the Gentile Times in 1914.”

Why did early Watchtower literature teach that the Second Coming of Christ occurred in 1874, while later literature from the Society taught it happened in 1914?

Do true prophets of God change their minds like this?

Watchtower literature was also very clear that 1914 would mark the overthrow of human governments and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. Note the following quotes:

• Charles Taze Russell’s Studies in the Scriptures (volume 2, 1988 p.98-99) said that “within the coming twenty-six years all present governments will be overthrown and dissolved…The full establishment of the Kingdom of God will be accomplished by the end of A.D. 1914.” (Note that in later editions of this publication – after 1914 – the phrase “by the end of A.D.1914” was changed to “near the end of A.D. 1915.”

• Studies in the Scriptures (volume 3 – 1891) p.126 refers to “full establishment of the Kingdom of God in the earth at A.D. 1914.”

• Studies in the Scriptures (volume 3 – 1913 edition) p.228 states, “That the deliverance of the saints must take place some time before 1914 is manifest…Just how long before 1914 the last living members of the body of Christ will be glorified, we are not directly informed.” (Note that the 1923 edition reads, “That the deliverance of the saints must take place very soon after 1914 is manifest…Just how long after 1914 the last living members of the body of Christ will be glorified, we are not directly informed.”[Emphasis mine])

Why didn’t the overthrow of human governments and the full establishment of God’s Kingdom occur in 1914 like the Watchtower Society predicted?

Since the prophecy did not come to pass, doesn’t this mean the Society is a false prophet?

1925-The Return of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the Prophets?

Watchtower leaders once taught that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Old Testament prophets would return as “princes” and live in an estate in San Diego, California known as Beth-Sarim(“House of Princes”). The year 1925 was definitely when these Old Testament saints were expected to come on the scene. This expectancy is reflected in the following Watchtower publications.

• Millions Now Living Will Never Die (Brooklyn:Watchtower Bible and Track Society, 1920), pgs. 88-90 said that “we may expect 1925 to witness the return of these faithful men of Israel from the condition of death, being resurrected…1925 will mark the return of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the faithful prophets of old.”

• The Watchtower, 15 October 1917 said, “There will be no slip-up…Abraham should enter upon the actual possession of his promised inheritance in the year 1925 A.D.”

• The Watchtower, 1 April 1923 p. 106 said, “1925 is definitely settled by the Scriptures.”

• The Watchtower, 15 July 1924 p. 211 said, “The year 1925 is a date definitely and clearly marked in the Scriptures, even more clearly that that of 1914.”

Why didn’t Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and other Old Testament “princes” show up in 1925 like the Watchtower Society said they would?

Since this prophecy did not come to pass, doesn’t this mean the Society is a false prophet?

1975-The End of Human History?

The Watchtower Society continued its pattern of false predictions by telling its followers that the 6,000 years of human history would come to an end in 1975. Armageddon was to occur that year and Christ was to set up the Millennial Kingdom of earthly paradise. Note the following Watchtower publication:

• Awake!, 8 October 1966 , p.19 said, “In what year, then, would the first 6,000 years of man’s existence and the first 6,000 years of God’s rest come to an end? The year 1975.” (Note, however, that a much earlier issue of The Watchtower magazine [1894] had said that the 6,000 years of man’s history had ended in 1873.(The Watchtower, 15 July 1894, p.1675)

• Our Kingdom Ministry, March 1968, pg. 4 says, “There are only about ninety months [7 and ½ years] left before 6,000 years of man’s existence on earth is completed…The majority of people living today will probably be alive when Armageddon breaks out.”

• Our Kingdom Ministry, June 1969 , pg. 3 , “In view of the short time left, a decision to pursue a career in this system of things is not only unwise but extremely dangerous…Many young brothers and sisters were offered scholarships or employment that promised fine pay. However, they turned them down and put spiritual matters first.”

Did you know that the Watchtower Society originally taught that 6,000 years of human history would come to an end in 1873, and later changed to 1975?

Since the Watchtower Society was wrong both times, doesn’t this mean the Society is a false prophet?

Why didn’t human history come to an end in 1975 – culminating in the outbreak of Armageddon – like the Watchtower Society said it would?

Do you really think the Watchtower is a true prophet of God?

• The Watchtower, 15 May 1930, p. 154 says that when one discovers false prophets, “the people should no longer trust them as safe guides.”

Do you agree with the Watchtower instruction that when one discovers false prophets, then “the people should no longer trust them as safe guides”?

Since the Watchtower Society was wrong in 1874, 1914, 1925, and 1975, do you think you should still trust the Society as a “safe guide”?

Deut. 13:1-8 & 18:20-22 give us guide lines on how we would recognize a “true” prophet of God – they must be accurate 100% of the time, if not, they are not a true prophet of God and we should not be afraid of them. Indeed, why even follow them?



While I am not with the JWs, but I do highly esteem Charles Taze Russell, who was never associated with the JW organization. Regarding Russell’s expectations concerning 1914, I suggest that one read the excerpts presented at:


Russell disclaimed many times being a prophet, and from the start, stated that his expectations should not viewed as “prophecy.”







I have enjoyed reading this.
Problem 1874, 1914 and others.
Russel arrived at this numbers by measuring th great pyramid? This one was built by God, he says.
How did he get such ideas?
Surely not from the Bible.

Otherwise: good job



Thanks for your comments.

No, 1874, 1914 and other dates were not “derived” by measuring the Great Pyramid, but were derived from Bible prophecies. The theory Russell and many before and after him have presented is that the Great Pyramid corroborates the dates derived from measuring passages of the Great Pyramid.

Yes, the theory presented is that Jehovah had the Great Pyramid built, as spoken of in Isaiah 19. Russell was not the first [nor the last] to present this idea; he built upon this idea from others before him. Russell, however, never was dogmatic concerning this, and certainly did not down anyone for not accepting what he believed concerning the Great Pyramid.

Russell’s last revision of his chapter on the Great Pyramid can be seen at:

When Russell made his final revision to the chapter (in 1904), the floor of the descending passageway had not been actually measured (since it filled with so much debris), so evidently Barbour, or someone, had tried to obtain that measurement by what Russell called a paper measurement, using Smyth’s measurement of the ceiling of the Great Pyramid as a basis. Russell’s attention had been brought to a possible error in this measurment several times, so that in 1904, Russell himself, or Russell had someone else, try to determine the true measurement of the floor of the descending passageway, again without having an actual measurement available. Later, the Edgars cleared the debris from the descending passageway and took an actual measurement of the floor. Nevertheless, the dates 1874/1875 and 1914/1915 were not dependent on the measurement of descending passagway, and those dates were found in measurements of the pyramid.

The Edgar’s studies on the Great Pyramid may be found at:
(Search for the section entitled “Edgars”)

Russell’s studies, most of which was borrowed from N. H. Barbour, on time prophecy, may be found at:

Russell’s studies concerning time prophecy include many chapters of Volumes I and II, which can be confusing since Russell seemed to, in some places, fail to realize and/or distinguish exactly what he meant by such dates as 1914/1915, 1872/1873, 1874/1875, etc. At any rate, the dates themselves were derived from Bible prophecy before they were corroborated by the Great Pyramid.



Ch.T.Russel establish independent group of Bible Students proclaimed Armagedon and second comming of Christ in 1914 from adventist teachings and time frame of 7000 years existency of earth(theory of bishop Usher 16 century),in his last will everything gave to 2 president Jugde Rutheford and after Ch.T.Russell death 1916, apostasy of Judge Rutheford divided this group,Rutheford establish JW organisation, and proclaim not biblical activity from door to door preaching to all his members and weekly report of this service,teached that is no trinity of God,no cross and and and…, Rutheford never,even one time participated in this preaching from house to house-he explained that he is busy with governing this organisation-this means autocratic laws! one group is to be rulers and second group busy to be slawe -servants-preachers in the field service work for salvation,typical autocrative demands and laws.
if Ch.T.Russell would live today.I am 100% sure,that Governing Body of JW in Brooklyn would disfallowship him for teachings not JW man made Gospel from 1931.Ch.T.Russell sincerelity and his wisdom was dumped to the pit by people like Rutheford and today his followers.,just they are not obey GODS HOLY WORD BIBLE,Bible JW organisation use for own doctrines and own teachings claiming that Holy Spirit have limited power and only live in the minds of Governing Body members as chosen group of Gods serwants to whole organisations who feed those people with Gods spiritual food, Holy Bible explain us power of Holy Spirit sent by Jesus to us.Power of HOLY SPIRIT ONLY EXIST IN HIS CHOSEN CHILDREN BORN AGAIN JOHN 1;10-13,AND JOHN 3;3, BORN AGAIN CHILDREN ARE BORN FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF HOLY BIBLE GODS WORD JOHN 1;14. JW organisation or any church so call christian churches have no power of Holy Spirit to give spiritual birth for his members as a children of God because of 2 Thessalonians 2;3-11 clear explain,.human laws,creeds,comunions,and regulamins are man made laws,and have nothing to do with our Great Teacher Jesus and His spiritual church in the heaven,JESUS is closing now the time, choosing to HIS BODY CHURCH HIS LAST CHIDREN OF GOD FROM OUTSIDE OF ANY SO CALL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES AND ORGANISATIONS


Regarding Armageddon: Russell’s view on Armageddon was not the same as that of the JWs. Russell believed in the Biblical Gospel that Jesus died for Adam and every descendant of Adam, and that all who are dying in Adam will benefit from that atoning sacrifice.


Was Russell Expecting the Second Coming of Christ in 1914? Absolutely not! In the year 1876, Russell came to believe that Jesus had returned in 1874, and he held to that belief until the day he died. He never expected Christ to return in 1914.


The year 1914 is based on Bible prophecy and the seven times theory, not the 7,000 years theory. Russell believed that 6,000 years from Adam’s creation ended around October of 1872 (beginning of the autumn to autumn year of 1873). He believed Jesus returned in 1874, which, according to his theory, was 6,000 years from Adam’s disobedience, allowing Adam’s sin to be two years after his creation.


Russell’s Last Will and Testament did not leave everything to Rutherford. In that last will, Russell actually sought to keep the WTS from being used for a purpose such as it is today. Originally, the Last Will and Testament of Russell suggested a committee of five to approve material to be printed by the Watch Tower, but somehow six names later appeared, the sixth being that of Joseph Rutherford. The question is: who added Rutherford’s name to the list, and when?


if Ch.T.Russell would live today.I am 100% sure,that Governing Body of JW in Brooklyn would disfallowship him

If Charles Taze Russell were still living today, I am sure that there would never have been a governing body, as Russell did not believe in such an organization, nor did he believe in the “Good News” of bad tidings that is preached by the JWs. If Russell were to return to this earth, and not knowing about what the WTS had become, I am sure that he would be appalled to see the the WTS being used to proclaim a “Good News” almost the opposite of what he believed in, and for which he began printing the Watch Tower magazine in order to defend.




[…] The Christian God Not Jehovah? […]


Say what you like about JWs but you have to admit that they are the most THICK-HEADED and persistent people you’ll ever meet. I’ve known them for 35 years and no matter what proof or biblical evidence you try to present to them they simply blow it off. It’s truly sad that they refuse to open their minds which is exactly what they expect everyone else to do to accept their bastardized “bible” and teachings. Many of them claim to be “ex-Catholics” and expect real Christians to speak with them but if you are an ex-JW they shun you forever. We try to explain the hypocrisy in that idea but it doesn’t matter since they are convinced they’re right.


Not to mention their deep hatred of Catholics. They all try to degrade Catholics and wind up bearing false witness in their malicious and untrue comments. They also hate higher education, doctors are referred to as “tools of the devil” who try to undermine their religious convictions by instilling fear in them when in fact, it is they themselves who do that to all of their members and prospective converts.


Regarding the JWs, see:

Regarding Russell and Catholicism, see:


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